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NRS Products are currently installed in hospitals, universities, schools, government buildings and 1000's of commercial facilities throughout Canada. Our products meet or exceed most industry standards.


We have over 20 have years of experience in manufacturing quality Roof Drain Products.

All of our spun products are  made  by  some of the most highly skilled people in the industry.

We use no oil on any of our  spinning  metals :

  1. When oil gets into the pores of metal and is almost impossible to remove without the use of commercial degreasers or solvent. Good membrane adhesion is very difficult when the drain has an oily  surface.
  2. Oil can  leech out  plasticisers  from  rubber , pvc  and  other  types of membranes which will make them brittle and subject to cracking.
  3. All of our spun products are hand washed with a mild dish soap and dried before  assembly. We take great care to eliminate  all  sharp edges  that  could be dangerous  to  the person  handling  them or  could  cut  the  roofing  membrane.
  4. Most  of  our  spun  products   are  hand  buffed to  a  bright  shine  which  eliminates  all  possible  dirt and oxidization. The cleaner  the surface, the better membrane adhesion and water-tightness  you   can  achieve. You will not get a  dirty or  oily  product  from NRS.

         Quality products, priced right.  

 The  "best  value" for  your  purchasing dollar.